The Chat Show W/ Mark Williamson

Welcome back to MW's Chat Show, this week host Mark Williamson is joined by returning guest Carlo Sands and first time (kind of) guest Peter Gleeson.

They talk about festivals, Bill Leak, Miranda Devine and Daisy Cousens to name but a few topics.

As well Peter is about to do a show in the Sydney Comedy Festival with comedian Maslow called Frazzled and Mark and Carlo are doing a show under The (un)Australian banner. To buy tickets visit 

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This week on the Chat Show host Mark Williamson chats to himself, what?

Well, Mark talks about the formation of Comedy on the EDGE back when it was a little comedy club in Darlinghurst. Or more specifically he talks about the man, the myth, the legend that is Ballsack. Yep Ballsack not Balzac, Scro to his friends.

This episode covers the Green Faces Comedy Competition, Eddie Ifft, Racism in Comedy, the prank Mark pulled on George Pana that almost killed him and so much more.

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It's part 2 of Peter Green and Mark Williamson's look at the year 1984.

If you haven't listened to Part 1 then go back and listen, we'll wait.

Apologies the intro was recorded a couple of weeks ago so some info is a little out of date, next week we will have all new info and a little better editing.

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Welcome to The (un)Australian the podcast wait, what?

No it's the Chat Show W/Mark Williamson and this week he's joined by regular guest Peter Green and they look at the year 1984.

This week's episode was a pilot for another podcast that may happen later in the year but at this stage we thought we'd release it here. Now this is a 2 part episode cause it was a big year. Look for part 2 dropping on Wednesday. 

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Welcome to the Chat Show with Mark Williamson, appearing this week on the show is frequent guest and occasional co-host Peter Green and the comedian who geographically lives closest to Mark's house, Carlo Sands.

This week's chat revolves around Politics, Greeny's prostate, Soccer (sorry Football) and many many more topics.

Now you may notice that this week there is no music or introduction sorry about that, technical/Mark is not a great sound guy issues. The music will be back next week.

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Welcome to the chat show with your host Mark Williamson, joining the show this week is frequent guest (more like a co-host) Peter Meisel.

On the agenda this week is Peter's new career on TV (really he is on TV), people who believe the world is flat and there's a special surprise guest (who doesn't actually speak).

Need more of Mark and Peter then follow them on twitter @MWChatShow and @PeterMeisel2 or PeterMeisel1 (this is a parody account that may or not be run by Mark).

Also tune into the B team with Peter Berner on Sky News where Peter Meisel is a frequent guest.

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Happy New Year!

The Chat Show is back and this week host Mark Williamson is joined by returning guest the very talented Mick Meredith, on debut the rising star that is Frida Deguise and well he's not really a guest more like a co-host everyone's favourite dirty Grandpa Peter Meisel.

They chat about anything and everything from exercise (yes really), serial killers, veganism and how Peter Meisel almost died on an exercise bike.

On twitter then follow Mark @MWOh44, Mick @mick_meredith and Peter Meisel @PeterMeisel2 there is a Frida Deguise on twitter but we don;t think it's an official page (unless she really is a business resale specialist).

New episodes drop every Monday.

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Hang on who's Andrew Paskin, aren't you Lester Diamond?

Confused, listen to the episode and it will all make sense, well as much sense as you can get with two dudes hanging out in a food court recording a podcast.

That's right Comedy on EDGE presents the Chat show is back with host Mark Williamson and guest Andrew Paskin. 

This week we chat about Andrew/Lester's trip to Japan, Andre the Giant, Michel Clarke, Chicken Sashimi, CM Punk, the Yakuza and of course Colin 'Funky' Miller.

Got something to say about the episode then tweet us @comedyonedge or @MWOh44, for complaints about Andrew/Lester then tweet @AndrewPaskin.

Thanks for listeneing Peeps and if you liked the show then spread the word. 

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We're back!!

Live from EDGE HQ Host and now Sound Engineer Mark Williamson is joined by Peter Meisel and Peter Green as they chat about everything and anything. 

Follow us on twitter @MWOh44 (Mark), @greeny_peter, @PeterMeisel2 and @comedyonedge.

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This week on Comedy on EDGE presents the Chat Show we are live from the Factory Theatre as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival. That's right we packed up the couch, the mics and Lester and took the show live to an almost full house.

Joining host Mark Williamson is Ryan "Special Comments' Crawford, Lester 'No Gimmick Necessary' Diamond, Peter 'Again' Meisel and Andrew Barnett.

LIke the show, then tell your friends, foes or twitter followers and stay tuned as we announce more Live shows in the not to distant future.

For more info follow us on twitter @comedyonedge, @MW__Oh, @RyanTheCrawford, @LesterDiamond28, PeterMeisel2 and @MrABarnett. 

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