The Chat Show W/ Mark Williamson

Welcome to MW's Chat Show this week's guest is globe trotting Comedian Marcus Ryan. 

Marcus is back in Australia for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, if you're in Melbourne go along and see his show.

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Live from the Sydney Fringe Festival host Mark Williamson and co-host Peter Green bring to you the quiz show Annus Horribilius.

Where two comedians, Carlo Sands and Peter Meisel battle it out with the audience over who knows the most about the year 1984.

*This show was recorded live on the night so there are some flaws in the process. We did not use microphones and just relied on the zoom.

If high quality state of the art recorded podcasts are your thing then maybe give this one a miss. 

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It's road trip time! That's right host Mark Williamson headed down to Wollongong for a gig and took his recording gear with him. Joining him on the road in the driver's seat Michael 'Fluffy' French and in the back seat Seizure Kaiser.

The conversation was pre-gig and we were driving into a thunder storm. Enjoy!

*This week's podcast has a bit of a language warning as the conversation got pretty deep (in a funny way). So if you are easily offended maybe skip this one. 

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Welcome to Comedy on EDGE presents MW's Chat Show. This week it's a very special episode as it's a trial show of an upcoming Sydney Fringe Comedy show titled The (un)Australian's Annus Horribilius.

Host Mark Williamson is joined by Dr Peter Green, Emma Malik and first time guest Michael French as they look at the year 1993 in a format where Michael and Emma compete for points. 

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This episode was recorded straight after epsiode was supposed to be released a few weeks later however everyone got confused and started doing call backs to episode 151. So here it is enjoy.

You don't need to listen to episode 151 to follow on but it helps.

Apologies for the sound there was a glitch with our recording device which has since been fixed.

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Welcome back to all our iTunes listeners!

This week on the podcast host Mark Williamson is joined by Peter Meisel, Francis Blair and Carlo Sands to chat about stupid Americans. 

Language warning, we asked Francis not to swear and he did try but......

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And that's the 150! 

Thank you to everyone who got us here, took awhile but here we are 150 great episodes.

This week on the podcast host Mark Williamson is on the road travelling from Willoughby on Sydney's North Shore to Ashfield. He's in the passenger seat and his guest Emma Malik is in the driver's seat.

On the way they talk about Leichardt, Emma's travels including competing on Thailand's got talent and they're constantly interrupted by the bloody GPS.

Enjoy the episode and thank you all for listening.

*Disclaimer this was recorded on the road so sound is not the best.

**We also ended the ep early but don't worry Emma will be back.

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This week on the Chat Show host Mark Williamson (@MWChatShow) chats to 4 time guest Peter Gleeson (PeterGleeson1) and they don't just chat about anything they chat music.

It's a change of format where Mark asked Peter to bring along an album and they discuss that....what was the album? Tune in and listen.

Apologies one of the mic leads is loose and it plays up in the first couple of minutes but it's fixed straight after. 

Also this is episode 149....episode 150 is coming however it may be a few weeks off. 

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Welcome back to MW's Chat Show, this week host Mark Williamson is joined by returning guest Carlo Sands and first time (kind of) guest Peter Gleeson.

They talk about festivals, Bill Leak, Miranda Devine and Daisy Cousens to name but a few topics.

As well Peter is about to do a show in the Sydney Comedy Festival with comedian Maslow called Frazzled and Mark and Carlo are doing a show under The (un)Australian banner. To buy tickets visit 

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This week on the Chat Show host Mark Williamson chats to himself, what?

Well, Mark talks about the formation of Comedy on the EDGE back when it was a little comedy club in Darlinghurst. Or more specifically he talks about the man, the myth, the legend that is Ballsack. Yep Ballsack not Balzac, Scro to his friends.

This episode covers the Green Faces Comedy Competition, Eddie Ifft, Racism in Comedy, the prank Mark pulled on George Pana that almost killed him and so much more.

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